Durham  Designated  Early  Childhood Educator  Local

                  Local within the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Professional Learning Opportunities


(Registration for Workshops open when the link is emailed to members)

September            - N/A

October       13th  - Building and Enriching Partnerships in Kindergarten (postponed to January)

November     9th  - ETFO Rights and Responsibilities (postponed)

                       23rd - ETFO  Climate Change and Climate Action 

                                       (focus on Kindergarten)

                       24th - Coding with Bee Bot

December             - N/A

January          17th - Building and Enriching Partnerships in Kindergarten

                         18th - Pregnancy and Parental Leave Information Session   

                         25th - Rights and Responsibilities - ETFO                                          

 February                - N/A

March             2nd - Tiny Toy Co

 April             22nd  - Spring Creative Workshop

                       29th - DECE Conference

May                 9th  - Cooking with Kids

June                       - N/A

All  workshops offered in 2022-2023 be offered in person events unless otherwise mentioned.

Committee Members


Sherry Smith-Pugh 

Kate Overall


   You Could Win