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Durham  Designated  Early  Childhood Educator  Local

Local within the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Committee Members


Sherry Smith-Pugh - Chair

Kate Overall - Executive Liaison

Chantal McKenzie

Christine Mason


   You Could Win

Workshops and Events


(Registration for Workshops and Events open when the link is emailed to members)

September           - N/A

October        14th - Small Group Planning within the Flow of Your Day *note date change*

                       20th - Networking - Chat Session

November     5th - Member Mental Health and Well Being (ETFO)

December    14th - Duty to Report (ETFO) *date change - TBD in 2021

January        12th - Pregnancy/Parental Leave Workshop (ETFO)

                               - TBD

February               - TBD

March             3rd - Anxiety and LDs

                      TBD - Surplus/Transfer Information Session

 April                     - TBD 

May                       - TBD 

June                      - TBD

All  workshops offered in 2020-2021, will be offered virtually until further notice