Durham  Designated  Early  Childhood Educator  Local

                  Local within the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Executive Members (2021-2023)


Rayna Barrese ~ has been serving as President since the conception of the local in December 2010. Rayna is on all committees and involved in the day to day operations while working alongside members in the Kindergarten Program and working hard to uphold members’ interests.


Kate Overall ~ is in her first term as Vice President representing our local and supporting our executive while working along side members in the Kindergarten program.  She works closely with our President on local and provincial matters.  Kate has previously served as Executive Member and is actively involved in both the Professional Learning (PL) and Social Committee


Nicole Lace ~ as Treasurer, it is her role to create the budget, maintain all financial records and present reports to the Local and ETFO annually.  She attends conferences and workshops when necessary as directed by our local President. Nicole was first elected to the Executive in Spring 2015.


Paula Duncan - Is in her second term as Executive Member.  She is actively involved in the local and Chair of the Status of Women Committee.


Sherry Smith- Pugh ~ is in her first term as Secretary.  Sherry is also actively involved in both the Professional Learning and Social Committee.